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Take a Stand for Equity in Global Health

Support HAI's Annual Fund Campaign

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$20,000 goal


​When you support Health Alliance International, you take a stand for a more equitable model of global health.

As a part of this alliance, your contribution gives us flexibility to practice a completely different type of global health: one that puts local priorities and local institutions first. Together we can take action to strengthen existing national health systems, while demonstrating the value of a more just model of global health.

Your contribution to HAI’s Annual Fund Campaign allows us to:
  • Respond more nimbly to the priorities of our public sector health system partners;
  • Pursue new forms of funding that allow for greater flexibility;
  • Begin to spread our model more widely by investing in new partnerships;
  • Amplify the reach of our health & justice advocacy work.
For Example:

When Cyclone Idai hit Mozambique in March 2019, HAI was able to draw on individual donor support to quickly join the health system response, coordinating the import and distribution of relief and recovery supplies through the provincial health system. With this flexible funding, we were able to spend more time cultivating partnerships that brought in additional relief funding and advocating for a response grounded in the priorities of Sofala's provincial health system.

We cannot do this work without allies like you!

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